Spiritual Healing and Services

Generally speaking, when people come to me they are seeking one of 5 major kinds of things. Sometimes we find someone who has lots of needs, but usually those needs are:

  • Desire to have good health both physically and mentally.
  •  The wish to have more money or a better work condition.
  •  Desire to know more about the spirits and spiritual advancement.
  •  The wish to have a new or better lover.
  • Dispel black magic, negative energies and assist in the most difficult times.

The truth is they all want more fulfillment, peace and contentment in their lives and know there must be someone in all of creation who can help. The answer is that there are many higher beings in the spirit world who are able and willing to help. That’s what I do, I connect you with the proper spirits to get you what want.

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I have through the help of the spirits overcome much suffering in my life. From depression and suicidal idealizations to alcoholism and poverty, the spirits now show me joy. The spirits provided hope and then finally that extra boost of confidence, positive outlook and trust.

Spiritual services can release your negative issues with the problem you are being bothered by and fill your auric layers with positive Universal Life Force Energy. So if you are searching for something weather that be occult power,  enlightenment, peace of mind, inner strength or balance and accomplishment, this is the path for you.

By dealing with the issues on the physical plane or whichever plane your issues reside on, healing is ultimately up to you to do, not others, it is up to you to realize the problem, come to terms with it, follow your guided intuition and go with your gut to follow inspired action to release this to be resolved. I can be your channel to making this a reality.

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To help you I work with pure energy, spirits, stones, herbs, bones, rattles, chants, smudges, drums and shamanic tools to clear negative energy that may cause disorder in life and body. I have dedicated myself to developing the power to face the darkside entities that cause problems in all areas of life to develop a personal ceremony and spiritual practice for you.I provide spiritual healing energy and counseling in how to overcome chronic conditions in life and create a life of love, peace and prosperity. I conduct phurba rituals and yab-yam ghau blessings on your behalf and in honor of Mahakali. I offer empowerment and guidance upon your spiritual path so you have the tools and protection to study yourself. I am an Associate Minister with Naturopathic and Shamanic Services, Inc. and the Institute of Shamanic Studies, a 501(c) 3 tax exempt Native American Church and School. This, following appropriate ministerial studies in the way of the Cherokee Adawehi and Tibetan Kali Naga Shamanism. I work for donations so let me know if you are seeking to be a student , spiritual services for some condition or to be empowered for some purpose. Go to the contact page here now and let me know something about you so we can find the right place for you. I do not force you to give up your beliefs like others may try. I recognize and respect your free will.

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