Kosmic Law Series: Law of Motion and Becoming

Law of Motion

Everything moves, not in a straight line, but it rotates, spins, curves, loops. Everything is in motion, even if it moves too slow for the impatient to perceive, it moves, it is in motion, the rocks, the trees, the stars, the moon all things move. Nothing within the Great God and Goddess is still as the Great God and Goddess is movement itself. Motion is Life. Whatever is in motion is alive and all are in motion. Nature hates absolute stillness, therefore nothing is “dead” or motionless. Motionless is inertia and an imbalance of the electric and magnetic fluid thus a perversion of life. This distorts and stagnates the evolutionary path. It is a crime upon the Universe and an offense against ones own personal Obosom to live a life of stagnation or to allow any area of your life to stagnate. To bring new growth into your life look for what in your life is not moving and get it going. This may take you time and work so be patient with yourself and show yourself compassion and mercy in the process.

Law of Becoming

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If you move, you change. There is no motion without transformation. You change position, magnitude, quality, characteristics, ideas and so on. We ought not express the disorder of inertia as the balancing of the electric and magnetic fluid depends on it and so such a thing is a transgression upon the Goddess herself. Becoming is an expression of the God and Goddess and death only relates to change and transformation. It is therefore progress in the mission of becoming.

“The spirits of the dead are unnerving to the spirits of the living. It is because the spirits of the living know intuitively that for something to exist there must be some type of life (motion). Since matter is composed of life force energy, then logically a corpse must be alive at some level and death is another state of life” ~ Baron Zariguin (parentheses are emphasis of the Channel)

Nothing can remain the same, it must change. Everything becomes other. Becoming what it was not before. This the forces of khaos will be certain of. Those of us in free will systems have a choice of what we become. We may choose to become god like, animal like, demon like or a mix of these but we cannot remain what we are.

Tune in next week same dragon channel when we will explore the Laws of Evolution and reincarnation. Until then…

Ashe Damballah!

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