Lately my own teacher has been writing about responsibility and so I have decided to share my own ideas on the subject. Many I have worked with are confused what this is, they have the idea that it simply means that it is their fault. Blaming self or others for any situation you find yourself in is a waste of time, this word is referring to your power, your power to respond, response-ability. You are not matter but a probability mist. Anything you think you are, you probably are. If you take 100% responsibility for your actions you will with time achieve your goal, given that the circumstances you find yourself in will allow for this. Give away even 1% of your power, your responsibility then you diminish your results. No one else will create your results, they all seem to be working to make their own life easier and don’t care if this makes things hard on you. They will help if by accomplishing your goal they accomplish their own. It is all about what you bring to the table. I don’t like this but this is how people are operating, make peace with it as we don’t have a choice about what circumstances we find ourself, only what we do when we become aware of them.

The mind and body are one and our thoughts manifest in our body. If we think thoughts that are weak and foul we weaken our body. To build power think mostly about virtues that strengthen you. Tape recordings of what your values are will help. You can listen to them anytime you find yourself in a dark place.

Remember none of this means that your life will be rosy and light. We have no control over our means and the state of affairs we find ourselves, this is determined by destiny. Our destiny is controlled by our personal obosom which the Yoruba call Ori. Developing a relationship with this personal god can make things easier for you but it is by no means a guarantee. That is where we step in, through the various initiations on this site you can develop such a relationship and manifest your means. This can also give you a bit of control over how you respond to your lot in life. Some people find that new options and opportunities present themselves. This is especially true in the beginning but then later on it becomes more difficult to bring about such changes. Those who have all that they need and just need the way to open find this makes life great for them, but those of us who have made many mistakes and destroyed much of our own blessings find that things get really tough. Even in these cases we have empowerments that can protect and bring grace to our lives, it is just not fun but if you are in this group it probably isn't much fun anyway and you can use a bit of grace. This is as truthful as I can be and is a lot more then you will get else where.    © Jean-Michael Holmes  2017