Mental Control and Psychic Protection

"If you meditate regularly... you will make great gains, for it will allow you to see how your thoughts impose limits on you. Your resistance to meditation are your mental prisons in miniature."

-Ram Dass

We must remember how the spirit realm works, the moment you think of someone or thing you are instantly connected to them. Now if you are thinking bad about them are mad or hate them and their spirit is weaker than yours, you have just cursed them and they may end up sick or worse, however, if their spirit is stronger than you have just picked a fight you can't win. If they forgive you will reap a karmic lesson, if they don't forgive you then they may launch a counter attack. I have on the spirit planes a tool that will bounce back negative energy and return it to the sender for a quick and powerful karmic lesson much sooner than expected. I also have similar and even more particularly nasty weapons including spiritual beings who will make life uncomfortable for those who don’t control their thoughts and emotions. You never know who has power, so please everybody kool it.

What I advice is that you meditate for 20 minutes a day with the intent of clearing your mental and emotional atmosphere. It is also wise to use empowerments such as mental purification flush and emotional purification along with clearing self sabotage reiki, all of which you can get from me for a very low price just email me and I will explain how we can make that happen. You may also want to request a pipe ceremony so as to get extra help form the spirit planes.

Draconian Rite of protection is another thing you can do and I have a free empowerment to get this done in a very powerful way here is how you can start now without the empowerment but it won’t be as powerful.

Build an energy bubble of protection around you feed it for 9 breaths. See it protecting you, allowing in nutritious energy. As you inhale the nutritious energy, exhale the debris, 9 breaths. Know that negative energy cannot penetrate, so the debris never returns. Now see the bubble transform into a suit of armor. Feed the armor the same way as the bubble and know it is always with you. See flying around you in your environment a dragon Armada, it protects you and destroys all negative energies in your environment. Feed it for 9 breaths. Now build a bubble around your house, feed this protective bubble for 9 breaths. See the bubble letting in nutritious energy but deflecting negative energy. Now imagine the whole thing at once. The armor the dragons and the bubble around the house, see their energies being replenished from the source. Now send half of your dragon Armada to protect your loved ones. Know they will always be protected. Perform this daily for 9 days straight, then perform it for 9 days straight anytime you feel you need protection. This is a draconian right of protection, know and trust you are safe.

Drukyul (land of the Thunder Dragon) krachtosology (study of power). There is someone who knows you are powerful, someone who doesn't see you as a victim. Learn to rely solely on your inner power. Deep inside is everything within your minds grasp, learn to express that true knowledge of self. For 3,000 years a dark force has conditioned our hearts and minds. This is the season of healing, protection and victory. I am the minister of the Earth, Reverend Xanga Dikenga-El. My Ancestresses/Ancestors built magnificent cities and temples that stood for thousands of years in peace, power and bliss. We will build more majestic cities.

You are competent and deserving of happiness, you are honorable. Underneath the layers of terror, false identities and programming is an unusual and sublime being of dynamic strength and power. But you struggle daily to reach your goals. You cannot see what stands in your way as enemy before you. Do you want to be free and powerful? To be who you truly know you should be? Want to learn the capability to literally eliminate fear, stress and anxiety?

Then welcome, here we heal each other.

Jai Mahakali    © Jean-Michael Holmes  2017