Kosmic Law Series: Law of Karma

I have been guided to start writing about the laws that govern this universe, this is because so many on a spiritual path find themselves in trouble because they are violation of many of these laws. You can have whatever it is you want in the universe but there are some do’s and don’t’s you must be aware of if you intend to be happy and actually get your desires and not some corrective punishment from the Obosom (higher self). The law of karma is really the law of cause and effect, but we are using the word karma so be it. Sin is a lie, there is no kosmic law of sin. Karma is not sin, karma is as the Afrikan in America says “what comes around goes around.” This is a reference to the action of Damballah, which is circular or like a figure 8. All energy cycles, you put out energy, thoughts, emotions and actions and they all cycle around the figure 8 back to you. These are the consequences of what you do. In truth there is no good or evil, right or wrong as these are all arbitrary judgements of the mind of man. There is only the Law. The Law is impersonal and has no concern for human judgement, thus ethics are created to keep the Id in place and help us avoid that which we have judged unpleasant at the level of our Obosom. The Law is not really punitive, it never punishes although it seems that way to our egos as it will by virtue of its nature condition the ego as it cycles and balances. What we view as negative is only the results of causes whose consequences we did not consider. Ethics and discernment can help allay some of this. The Law of Karma also does not teach lessons as some have assumed. It does not care if you learn or not as it is not there to sustain your life. Life is a side effect of Kosmic Law and not the intent. The intent is to spin as the action of spinning is the cycle of love between the forces of nature we call in english the God and Goddess which is limiting so I prefer the Magnetic and Electric Fluids.

Luck is the magnetic and electric cycles of the Damballah Fluid. When one is said to have good luck they receive all that they need and want easily, this is simply the natural consequence of the energy, thoughts, emotions and deeds of the “lucky” person. Bad luck is just all the garbage the person has put out coming back. Do you understand that the Law of Karma says all that we receive are results of what we have put into action? The cycle can be quick, bringing the consequences back fast or very slow in bringing the energy back later in life or even in the next life time. This fluid can be softened, changed and sometimes even neutralized following appropriate ritual. If this is something that you feel you want then press the button at the top of the page that says contact form and let me know, then hit the donation button and make a fair and large donation for this service as it takes a lot of time and energy not to mention supplies to get this done and if you give me your address you will also receive a bracelet once the ritual work is complete, this bracelet will contain all the energies of the ritual to farther bless and protect you.

The Law of Karma maybe invoked to bring to ourselves blessings and power, so there is no need to be afraid of karma it is not hell. Positive thinking for instance can have a tonic effect on the body, making the body sound and strong both internally and externally and it uses the Law of Karma to do this. Can you see that karma is not the same as sin or punishment. The guilt and shame is self imposed when we are not in congruency with our own high ideals which come to us as the self image of our personal Obosom. The feelings of sin will return to us vis the Law of Karma as bad luck. Sin was an idea created by “Masters” who understood this law and chose to use it to control large numbers of people through religion. Shamanism is not a  religion and the idea of sin is not considered by the shaman. None of this is license to do whatever foul thing that may pop into your head. You have free will and everything has consequences and you will feel guilt and shame if you deny your true nature. Remember, what comes around goes around.

Make sure you tune your device back to this station next week as we will be covering the law of grace.

Ashe Damballah!

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