Metaphysysics 101

All magic begins with kundalini. If you have not awakened the dragon you can do nothing that is considered great and supernatural. This is the reason for the developmental procedure like Kali Naga Shamanic Power, Kali Naga Sorcery, The Hands of the Dragon, Primordial Power and the Sardegon Awakening, and Initiation into the Elements. These methods will lead you to a kundalini awakening and finally self realization which is so necessary to demonstrate magical and spiritual abilities. If you work at these with the intent to manifest such abilities you may very well do it but it won’t be very impressive, seek the love of the Goddess and she may very well gift you with great abilities. If instead you think you can do it without the developmental work than I can only assume you need a lesson in arrogance and would be more then happy to set one up for you. If instead you are willing to do this the right way and honor the tradition and Goddess from whom all these blessings come from, then you should know, the how and when to use your power will come to you if you study yourself through the use of the nine hand seals and the study of the elements through the meditative way taught in each of the courses that are available to you and named above.

Since I was asked by one of my patrons to put together a course that demonstrates my knowledge of ritual creation and I am most grateful for his business, you all will get the secrets of my practice, examples of rituals I use for certain conditions. So you should all be grateful to him as well for motivating me to write this. Know that it is not possible to give examples to do all things so don’t ask but that the best rituals are the ones you create yourself, however this will serve as inspiration.    © Jean-Michael Holmes  2017