Kosmic Law Series: Law of Forgiveness

Law of Forgiveness: sub-law of the law of grace

Forgiveness of those who have encroached upon our boundaries is a necessity to receiving full grace and so nothing good will be taken from us and so that our own trespassing and pouching may be forgiven. Pray to the Goddess or whatever deity you worship for the power of forgiveness and to purify your mind of negative thought forms that may prevent this. There is a mantra of the Blue poison of Mahakali that I teach clients who I have preformed this ritual for that will remove the karma that you truly regret and feel genuine remorse for. Again I teach this only to students and clients who have received this ritual. The karmic council has given us the violet ray and anyone may invoke that. However, I have an empowerment that I make available to clients and students upon request to all the cosmic rays and this will make the rays over 10,000 times more powerful for you than anyone else even those who receive this empowerment from others outside our order.

Those on spiritual paths also will request the past karma to be released upon them. This is done naturally as part of the process of submitting to a spiritual master and most masters know how to release the karma of students who can’t do it any-other way. So they face all of it in 8 years and are left with a clean slate. This is what happens to apprentices who turn their backs on their lineage and spiritual teachers. The process of karmic cleansing under a spiritual master is also why when we start our paths our lives get worse instead of better. This is all to clear anything that may hold back our evolution and to test the true character of the student.

Tune in next week, same dragon channel for when I will regale you in the fine art of the Law of Motion.

Ashe Damballah!

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