Kosmic Law Series: Law of Grace

Law of Grace or Mercy

There are times when we feel ourselves facing karmic “lessons” that we are ill prepared for or there are simply too many effects at one time and we become overwhelmed. In these times we may call on the grace of the Goddess and she may choose to stop the karmic effects from manifesting temporally, this again as I said last week is not a license to do whatever foul acts your darkside may dream up as you still will have to face this at a later date. This may not be desirable as it may hold the karma back for the next life time which will make things difficult as you will have forgotten what the cause of this effect was and may not learn what your Ka is trying to tell you about yourself thus holding back your transformation. In many cases the Law of Grace maybe used to completely neutralize negative karma if for example you have learned what your Ka or Obosom wishes you to know, you fel genuine remorse for what you have done, you have compensated the party in whom you have served an injustice to or you have preformed the proper ritual that may invoke the law of grace such as devotion to certain mantras. However, all of this may still be necessary to receive full mercy.

Ashe Damballah!

Make sure you tune in next week for the Law of Forgiveness a sub law of grace.

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