Sha, King of Power

I am 

I am the moorish Viking 

The hoodoo king

The serpents fire

The chi, shen and jing.

Understand I am the stars, the sun and moon.

The blackness of space and the blueness of the sea

You better get ready cuz here i come. I come. I come the dragon of El... Here I come the shadow of death 

Metal of hard times, no sleep no rest

Obosom on the throne with a crown of gold

Alchemical mold

Been a long time, I been watching people bought and sold. Keeping my veins cold

Used and abused 

Murdered and enslaved 

They are the diamonds of age.

The blood of a god

The enslavement of mind

Seems kind of odd

But it feeds off fear, imagination and mind gears

Keep on the grind or you running out of time.

An eternal celestial mind?

The spider of the deep I creep

With a mala of skulls of the kings of old

It ain't the strong but the bold

The domination of flesh, I cringe everytime I hear i am a get mine, fuck the rest.

Hair long enough to the awake its a crown. 

Mind long enough to the sleep it's a gown. 

At the point of no return is when you see your flesh burn,

By celestial fires as you feel your soul learn.

As I overcome my fear of expression of Kala

I pray to god, but is it Jesus or Allah?

With armor of moses and the sword of Aaron, i can hear the clarion. 

The reptilian force I slither of course, 

Through the muck of humanity, Gutters of society. 

But how can I do that and remain divine? 

It is the power of Yahweh that keeps it mine.

The vajra pearl,

It fills the world.

I can't take it no more,

Knocking banging to the outer rim,

in this game of Nim.

I hang with sorcerers, but are we dragons or fools.

I drink of the nectar until I embody the rules.

Born with the soul of the angel vengeance. 

It's all in the music if you you care to feel this.

Better back up and observe this realness.

We are hoes and thugs, roaches and bugs,

Gods and angels 

Dragons and wolves. 

They don't want to face us!

We represent everything,

That's why they hate us!


Remember there is nothing wrong with you, it is all about expression of self.    © Jean-Michael Holmes  2017