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MetaPhysics 101:


 These techniques can be used to work with your shadows. Those of us who have been doing this long enough know that we must deny nothing to achieve oneness and that everything in our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, that reality is the mandala of our own personal obosom. In the tradition of the phurba we understand that in order to destroy what we hate in the outer world we must destroy it in our inner world. To this we must first admit that, I am everything. i must admit I must admit I am a murderer, even though I have never killed anyone. If I am truly honest with myself, I would find that I have killed something and that I have supported others to kill on my behalf so that I could sit on my spiritual holiest of bullshitters throne and lay claim to being a pacifist, even if this is not true of me in manifestation, I can search myself and find where it is true and if I refuse to admit this about myself as I have done with so many other things, I will face myself in the streets. This is the nature of shadows. When we shine light in the darkness it illuminates all that we can bare to look at and cast shadows on that which we dare not gaze upon. You can see them coming, lurking in the corner of your eyes. Ignore them too long and you will be face to face with it. If all is truly One, then logically the only thing that can dirty your mirror of mind is you. For who else is there? The narcissist will gaslight you when you say something that suggests that they are not as superior as they believe themselves to be and then if all else fails they will kill you. This is the reason spiritual masters have been hunted down and killed. Replaced by new age religion to pacify and control the warrior shaman within. The man or woman who is at peace with there darkness has power and better than that they have wisdom. So I say be courageous enough to allow the world to reflect upon you the truth of your soul and gaze unflinchingly upon all its beauty and all its ugly with love and understanding taking full and complete responsibility for it all as you ruthlessly cut down anything in your way. When you face your shadow see your pray, hunt it down and kill it! This will be hard on those of you with a new age salad eating mentality, understand your pray most likely will not care. In this system you are either the hunter or the hunted. The dragon always chooses to be the hunter as anything else is the same as suicide to the Goddess. The only good is balance, the only harmony is peace in the dark.

This is from an empowerment that will teach you how to use your power to make real changes in your life and the world. If you show courage, which trust me is easy for me to say and hard for me to do, you will make real spiritual progress without the arrogance that comes with the new age fantasy of believing we are some how all powerful spiritual beings of light. The truth is we are also physical beings of dark and will remain as such even after filling ourselves with light. But guess what? We are prefect as such. I highly recommended this one as these techniques are currently helping me address some very old wounds I didn't know existed.

You will get a great 24 page manual with emblems of power and development that are beautiful works of art, many mantras and meditations an alliance with the prodigious Eucalyptus Raven staff and full empowerment to do this work. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Once we receive your payment we will send you a beautifully illustrated manual with original art work and the empowerment will come to you in an orb of life that is yours forever. You can send payments via paypal form your email to mine at


There is no returns or refunds as a pdf can never be fully recovered and the energy once sent is yours so be absolutely sure this is what you want.

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