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"The name Kali comes from the word kāla, or time. She is the power of time, which devours all. She has a power that destroys and should be depicted in awe-inspiring terror. Kali is found in the cremation ground amid dead bodies. She is standing in a challenging posture on the prostrate body of her husband Shiva. Kali cannot exist without him, and Shiva can't reveal himself without her. She is the manifestation of Shiva's power and energy. While Shiva's complexion is pure white, Kali is the color of the darkest night—a deep bluish black. As the limitless Void, Kali has swallowed up everything without a trace. Hence, she is black.

Kali's luxuriant hair is disheveled, which symbolizes her boundless freedom. Another interpretation says that each hair is a jiva (individual soul), and all souls have their roots in Kali. Kali has three eyes; the third one stands for wisdom. Kali's tongue is protruding, a gesture of coyness—because she unwittingly stepped on the body of her husband Shiva. A more philosophical interpretation of Kali's tongue is that it symbolizes Rajas (the color red, activity) and that it is held by her teeth, symbolizing Sattva (the color white, spirituality).

Kali has four arms. The posture of her right arms promises fearlessness and boons while her left arms hold a bloody sword and a freshly severed human head. Some, looking at Kali's right, see good; and looking at her left, evil—but it is more a case of yang and yin, positive and negative, dark and bright, earth and heaven. Kali is portrayed as naked except for a girdle of human arms cut off at the elbow and a garland of fifty skulls. The arms represent the capacity for work, and Kali wears all work (action [karma]), potential work, and the results thereof (karma!) around her waist. The fifty skulls represent the fifty letters of the Hindu alphabet, the manifest state of sound from which all creation evolved.

Kali's nudity has a similar meaning. In many instances she is described as garbed in space or sky clad. In her absolute, primordial nakedness she is free from all covering of illusion. She is Nature (Prakriti in Sanskrit), stripped of 'clothes'. It symbolizes that she is completely beyond name and form, completely beyond the illusory effects of maya (false consciousness, illusion). Her nudity is said to represent totally illumined consciousness, unaffected by maya. Kali is the bright fire of truth, which cannot be hidden by the clothes of ignorance. Such truth simply burns them away.” ~Mahakali Seichim Manual

I have been in contact with the spirits since childhood. My Obosom has guarded me and guided me. I carried in my pockets the things that marked a hoodoo man, a man of power. In the spirit place there is no time or space and who we are is not because of where we came, but who we are becoming. So I performed the ritual in the future to be enlightened in the womb. This made for an interesting life. I spent years hanging out with drug dealers and killers, n****** hoes and Hoodrats and I love them all. But I do not respect nor like them. I am a high end predator, a dragon. I am neither good nor evil, I simply am. I am perfect, no need to evolve, but the law of Damballah says all things must change.  

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So I pierced the darkness and exposed the light and in1996 I had decided I wanted to be a home and Business owner. So I read every book I could get my hands on. Books on finances, business, religion, I learned as many skills as I could. I polish some very old ones as well. I had been having visions and learned if I pray for something I would get it. But every fantasy brings with it disillusionment. When you manifest a dream it is never what it seems to be. In the dream there is no resistance, everyone responds and conspires to bring you what you want to your doorstep, without attachment or hard feelings. However, the Goddess is kind, when the fantasy emerges from the void, the obstacles present themselves, this is disillusionment, the destruction of illusion and ego fantasy. The revelation of the beauty of reality which is both light and dark, spirit and matter, righteous and wicked and what more, is some limitations we love and are not obstacles to destroy but boundaries to be respected, and once you overcome your weak excuses what is left are your real limitations. Make peace with this.

 I had not had a vision since a very young age but these were triggered by death. I would attempt suicide for the first time, a lifelong dream of a shadow. I met a spirit who had no belief in death and knew it only as change.  I would go deeper into my shadows, deeper into my studies there was something more than Mundane knowledge, I studied the theories of the god man, huna magic, NLP, meditation and affirmations. I studied philosophy in human development. I performed an experiment that would awaken my obosom and alert him to my presence. He claimed me as his own. I was just a horse, he was the master and he was I. This lasted a year, which I have no memory but as this madness lifted, things would get stranger and stranger. 

I went back to school to learn and paint but I suffer from depression as long as I can remember and when I came under the attack of jealousy and envy over my work, I will fall back into depression. I was in the best shape of my life at that time and speaking with my ancestors daily. I wanted to find a cure for depression and knew the answer was in ancestral spirituality. Now, I was on pharmaceuticals for depression and my health began to decline. I have been an alcoholic and I quit drinking when my studies into Shamanism actually took off. Before that it was hypnosis and NLP etc. the ancestral praying is really what started it all. It was 2008 when I first saw this small black dragon. The dark Lodge had been trying to kill me. They attempted to kick down my door every night, now this dragon was before me. I begin to learn all I could about dragons. A year later we moved. My practice had grown and I talked with many spirits including Dragons, my then teacher had become jealous of my visionary skills and ability to speak with the spirits. I would commit suicide, this time it was serious, I died and came back many years would go before I could recover from this and we would see another suicide attempt, a chest surgery and conversation with many spirits. By then they stood before me and spoke to me about my path. I thought I had gone mad. My life was hard. I've had many teachers over the years and picked up some very powerful rituals and in 2014 the goddess sent me to Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa, a Tibetan Shaman and sorcerer. I would be his apprentice and agent and I would overcome many of the things that held me back in my life and I will overcome more for I am still alive. 

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I had real problems that called for real solutions and nobody really knew anything that worked. So I called on my ancestors/ancestresses and asked for something, anything. Months of this I got a visit from the small black dragon which led me into the chaos void of Nu or the Akasha/heaven element and I was destroyed to be born Nu as the 5 primordial elements and 5 primordial dragons. I was given tools like kuji kiri the nine cuts to reprogram my experience of the matrix, Dragon Reiki to heal self, others and the world and bring glory to the elements, the powerful adinkra to help manifest my prime intent in the physical world. I was given the mantras and mudras, protection energy and meditation, the ability to unclog emotional energy, strength and courage. The chakra work of kuji in (the nine seals) awakened the spirits within and I have reconstructed my mind and body, I have moved beyond belief into faith and trust in my divine consciousness. People treat me different I no longer feel rejection wherever I go and energy flows through me and into my environment, I have improved my environment with this energy. This path is not for those who want power to glorify the ego it's actually pretty hard on the ego and the ego must be purified. It turned out that the Dragon was a manifestation of the awakened kundalini and qigong (energy work) was a big part of it. The process starts with building a physical base of power and strength and builds to the higher realms. If you wish to know more ask me questions. I kept this more to the mundane side of my experience to avoid sounding like a bragard but if you wish I could tell of the supernatural or the more technical aspects it's an exciting adventure that will transform your experience into what you truly want. Spiritual power is hard to control but you learn who you truly are in the process. It is so rewarding to live such an adventure and get intimate with your own divine self. Not sure if such a story helps you. I wish it had a happy ending, it doesn’t because it has not ended. Welcome to the realm of high adventure. 

"In Aghora, the only acceptable end is Victory as we move successfully through the deepest Darkness into the Light."

Before we go on tell me what has led you to me and this work. Thank you for this opportunity to express the Dragon Warrior Healing Arts to you, peace, compassion and power.

The Kali Tantra depicts the image of Mother:

“Most fearful, her laughter shows her dreadful teeth. She stands upon a corpse. She has four arms. Her hands hold a sword and a head and show the gestures of removing fear and granting boons. She is the auspicious divinity of sleep, the consort of Shiva.

“Naked, clad only in space, the goddess is resplendent. Her tongue hangs out. She wears a garland of skulls. Such is the form worthy of meditation of the Power of Time— Kali, who dwells near the funeral pyre.”

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