Kosmic Law Series: Law of Evolution and Reincarnation

Law of Evolution

Change is change, it is neither positive nor negative and can go either direction. The law of evolution says, the law of becoming ought to be in the direction of the divine mind of ones personal obosom. However, you have free will and can do what you want, but consider this, if you choose not to move in the direction of your obosom you retrogress into darker vibrational states of consciousness. The misuse of one’s obosom’s rays is an expression of disorder. If you make the choice to act outside the established boundaries of divine order as laid out by kosmic law you will damage your life stream and create causes within the void that result in suffering.

Evolution is thus defined as the expansion of consciousness and the development of virtues that ennoble the soul. The consciousness and soul force of a celestial dragon would take a human an eternity to develop without the application of free will. Through choice and the focused employment of the evolutionary forces of nature, the human may speed up their own progress. We at the House of the Dragon Shamanic do not worship the gods and goddesses as is commonly believed. We choose to work with them and the law of evolution to accelerate our becoming and spiritual growth as one of the gods and goddesses. If one chooses to ignore the massive potential of the law, they may linger in a world without end as a slave to the elemental forces of nature and never experience true self mastery. If you choose to follow your obosom with us on the path of the dragon what would have taken you possibly millions upon millions of life times in karmic “lessons” could be done in one life time. This is the path of soul cultivation. This is the path to remembering who you are at a very rapid pace.

Law of Reincarnation

Kosmic law is a universal truth and will function regardless of your opinions. Law is law and is not contingent upon belief. Reincarnation is also the law of cycles. We don’t actually have multiple lives from the perspective of our obosom, but instead one life stream with multiple branches throughout time/space/dimension. The obosom is such a being that it expresses itself, being an individualization of the Goddess Mahakali, as many personalities. These different personalities  cannot exist in the same space/time/dimension and our consciousness under most circumstances is only within one personality at a time. The other lives created and guided by the same obosom exist in other times, dimensions and space relative to each other. This is all one being from the level of the obosom. These other personalities are generated by the obosom by its own karma as it travels the zodiac in an attempt to understand itself. The personalities are the combined effect of the desires and will of the obosom (cause). The desires called the lower self by the new age community and will called the high self by this crowd are the collective elemental forces of the individual obosom, the light and dark forces that must be held in balance to uphold divine order. In the model of the House of the Dragon, which is a working model, we explore each personality as a complete replica of the obosom which is itself a replica of the Goddess. Once the full range of energies have been developed and explored to the point where all karma is balanced and the individual is aware of the obosom as the self we move to the next and the next until we experience the full cycle of change. If too much density is created in this cycle the only option the Goddess has to deliver compassion is to terminate the life of the individual, if this goes on and permeates all life cycles then either annihilation or liberation of the elemental forces of the obosom itself becomes necessary. In annihilation all the karma of all life cycles are released into one incarnation of the obosom to deal with. In the case of liberation, the elemental forces of the obosom itself are dissolved and taken back to the void to be transformed into something useful. This is what must happen to all spirits of disorder as there must only be spirits of khaos and order within the system. To learn more about spirits of order, disorder and khaos look for our up coming work “Way of the Mystic Warrior” a treatment on the virtues of the dragon warrior. If on the other hand one is able to burn through all karma and expand consciousness past self-realization and into enlightenment where life is experienced through the eyes of the obosom remembering who and what you are, you will have no need to return and may experience life for eternity as the celestial dragon that is your personal obosom. It is the karmic bond that prolongs our stay in the physical world and causes the soul to forget its purpose of being.


Tune in next week, same dragon channel for an adventure through the law of correspondence and the law of One as our season finale to part one of this three part series into kosmic law. 

Until then this is Xanga Dikenga El saying:

Ashe Damballah!

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