From the Sha Hand Seal Empowerment

Power is the ability to act and accomplish what you will. Know you are becoming more and more confidant and powerful. No need to compare yourself or think you are better than others or even put others down. Intend not to act on your animal or shadow reflexes, don’t cover them up, deny or otherwise repress them, just choose not to act on them through integration. Let go of your feelings of superiority and need to be better than another and there is no need to feel guilty about having them as we have all been there and will be there again. Feel that which makes you want to fight with everyone, absorb it, claim it and own it.  My first choice is to grab the phurba, however unless you have been initiated into the cult of the dagger priest you don’t have that option and must use emotional integration. You are capable of making a better life if you use your power to heal self and others but not to confront or challenge another being. You have the right to have power and manifest the good things in life and may use it to direct your will but in general just let it flow freely as power is meant to. Work on one thing at a time, no one is prefect and everyone is a work in progress and at the same time whole and complete. You should focus on the fact that you are in command and have all the active power to do what you will. Fill your solar plexus with living power and determination and know that this vajra will never stop flowing and will never drain of energy. Raw energy radiant shining sun crank up the power and feel the nuclear fusion reactor within your guts flowing with life reconstructing and healing your body and life, focus on inner power. Don’t project this power out to other people doing this will only expose your insecurities. As you develop your personal power be aware that it is easier to frighten and offend people and remember you are responsible for your actions. Power is about confidence, self trust and a sense of responsibility and not arrogance or the domination of others. I encourage you to defend yourself when attacked, but use this to attack another without just cause and you will enter the world of magical warfare and I can guarantee you from experience, exchanging blows with a powerful black magician is no fun at all.    © Jean-Michael Holmes  2017