Kosmic Law Series: Law of Correspondence & One

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Law of Correspondence

This is the axiom of all magic and can be thought of as the law of reflection in that the lower worlds are reflections or correspond to the higher dimensions. There is a reason that they say as above, so below, the microcosm is a shadow of the macrocosm, this is one of the lessons of raven. By tracking in the physical dimension, ignoring our miscreations we can come to understand the higher dimensions. What is in the spiritual realities is like what is in the physical planes. If there is something on earth it is also in the heavens (void) or else it could not exist. We must face ourselves and gaze upon our own reflection. 

Every speck of energy contains the pattern of the entire universe, thus the universe is like a holographic image where one fragment contains the entire original image. Each soul, every cell contains the original blueprint of the entirety of creation. When the perceived image is harmonized with the spirit within they affect and change each other. This is why we can say we are the Goddess Mahakali. To perceive one is to perceive the other. This in the way of the phurba the dagger priest in order to destroy something in the universe he destroyed it within himself, that which is within is like that which is without, if it is destroyed within it cannot be experienced in the outer universe. 

The frequency of one thing will correspond to an imprint in another thus the resonance of the Orisha Xango corresponds to that of the planet Jupiter, thunder and lightening, volcanos, the sound of the drum, vitality, the colors red and white, the double headed axe and the numbers 4 and 6. These objects and ideas resonate  with one another and can be used to divine the attendance of Xango or in powerful ceremony to influence the psyche of the universal mind and bring change to the holographic system.

This law also says that the moment you think of something you make an instant connection with it on the spirit plane and that what we think or feel consciously and subconsciously generates a corresponding reality and influences the behavior of those around us and our environment. Whatever internal state we are experiencing is reflected in our external environment. “As above, so below. As within so without.”

Law of One

The void is like a great primordial ocean and everything is the void and thus everything flows in and out of everything else linking us, combining us, directly or indirectly to everything else. Everything within Divine Order (manifestation) is an illusion called Maya or the matrix. Under all order is the void the one and only primeval khaos. Everything in both manifest and unmanifest matter is the expression of the Goddess Mahakali and the God Mahakala (Damballah) in yab-yum or macrocosmic orbit. Order is manifested, khaos is non-manifested and in essence inseparable parts of the wholeness of One.

Everything is energy of the primordial void, vibrating, humming the aura of the Goddess. Mahakali is this energy and so are we. This causes a blending of our consciousness with all mind and all life so there is only one mind, one living thing. Mystics seek to become one with the very thing they already are one with. It is just a matter of increasing your awareness of this oneness of all being. This is understood as Christ consciousness in esoteric Christianity. No one is an island unto themselves, we each affect one another, we are influenced by each other and influence each other. We are influenced and we influence the stars, the trees, the rocks and all of creation. What is done to one is done to the whole. 

We will be taking a break from the Kosmic Law Series to explore other things, but shall return. What I encourage each of you to do is review these lessons and see ways to apply them to your life to effect change. Once you see things manifest you will understand, be honest with yourself as to your true intent, because if things happen that cause havoc in your life you may want to take inventory of your shadows. Anyone here who cares to donate in support of this site, as it does take money to maintain and we have bills just like you, will receive a pdf version of these laws along with empowerment to help you along. If I receive no donations I will continue the kosmic laws off line and make them available to my students and paying customers only. Until next time, same dragon channel, this is Xanga Dikenga El saying:

Ashe Damballah!

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