Basic Energy Work for Spiritual Warriors

This is another flute sesson with a lot of energy all of it passing through a woman of power as she and I sat in Yab-yum on the spirit place on behalf of the world and in response to this pandemic. The energy will heal and protect you as it keeps you calm and stabilizes your financial situation. As usual every time you listen to this the effects will get stronger and strong. As this energy has been in orbit between me and her all the way back to its most primordial roots.

With you in power


I have picked up the native american flute once again and now am applying all I know and have embedded healing energies into the music like a real Kweku son of the spider. Everytime you listen to this the effects will get stronger and stronger. Now I am far from being a perfect musician and this may need some cleaning up but it is the first and I am not one to wait until I am perfect to launch out into the deep.


This is a part of a body a work that the world is not ready for. I released it once out of arrogance and now I make it available again only because I do not wish it to potentially die with me. The world should know of my divine madness. They should know who and what I am before I decide to leave this realm forever. They should know the NagaMoor.

So listen and understand.

Living with depression

This program is a few techniques from an empowerment I am currently working on that will help people learn to live with depression.  

Lecture on basic energy work

Let this ritual for peace and balance fill you and cut into your very being. If this service is any value to you please hit the donation button and show some love and support. Thank you.    © Jean-Michael Holmes  2017