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This place is all about self-improvement through metaphysics and spiritual healing. You will learn our techniques of basic and advanced energy work and manifestation of ones authentic self, this is the way of the dragon warrior.

In this video we (me, my assistant,  Baron Zariguian, the God and Goddess and a host of other teachers) attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions and open dialogue of communication with the spiritual community. It is our desire and intent to clear up the confusion and misdirection upon the path at the same time offer a safe and loving space to explore otherwise dangerous and unknown aspects of the subconscious self. 

Dragon warriors are the ancient mystic knights and spiritual warriors such as ninjas, taoist kung fu warriors, viking berserkers, and the Dervish mystics of the Moors who through meditation and spiritual training developed supernatural abilities through the use of such rituals as Kuji Kiri. This is not a warrior as in the general since of the word which about death and destruction, but one who is patient and can overcome impossible obstacles and adapt. Sometimes in life we can’t just go out and do a thing without hurting others or self and it is wise in these times to be patient, to just sit and wait until an opportuity appears. I think this is about invisibilty where a mystic is a very powerful and patient individual. This site is dedicated to the attainment of the ancient knowledge, wisdom and power of the shamanic warrior to be applied to everyday life. If you desire to own the power and strength to command your own life and live it with courage, then this path to personal empowerment is for you. Do you desire spiritual awakening and self-realization? Then read through this site and come back often, because not only are we adding more great knowledge but the page itself contains embedded energy designed to heal and protect you.


Do you wish to learn how to like yourself? Then learn to stop listening to what everyone else says you should be and do and dare to be yourself. If you don’t know how or don’t know who you are at the level of your true self, then we can help. Email me now.

We (me and the Goddess MahaKali) also provide shamanic services and distance is no problem for the Goddess MahaKali, so you can receive help no matter where in the world you are physically located. This system is wonderful and has been proven for many thousands of years to help you overcome whatever it is that is holding you back. Be it depression, fear, greed, shame, poverty, loneliness, the Goddess can help. So even if you have no desire to walk the path of the dragon warrior which is not for everyone, but for the spiritual adventurer, we can help. 

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My name is REV. Xanga Dikenga El, this name is a cross of the title of reverend that I earned following appropriate ministerial studies in the way of the Cherokee Adawehi and Tibetan Kali Naga Shamanism and the name earned through my training as an adept in the Mystic Knights of the Crowned Heart. I work with the dragons of the elements and all forms of spirituality and magic, the universe and everything in creation is made up of the elements of air, fire, water, earth and the void. Each element is ruled by a dragon lord. Fire and air are electric, water and earth are magnetic. These dragons have both form and power and can influence our actions, behaviors and everything we consider reality. Love is the principal of attractive force. Through obtaining inner fortitude with the divine consciousness, we also obtain exterior harmony with the world. You will never find the divine in all the depths of the universe until you find it within yourself. When you do that, the divine shall show her existence in everything else. 

We make changes in ourselves by volition and desire.

What do you want?

Earth is the quality of manifestation and limitation (boundaries), it unites and bring together. The celestial sphere is the primordial world within which exist 5 substances: void, fire, air, water and earth.

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Fire is expansion, electric motion and brightness.

Air is balance, connection, motion and thinness.

Water is magnetic, retraction, darkness, thickness and motion.

Earth is tetra polarity, union, darkness, thickness and stillness.

The void is MahaKali and Damballah in yab yum and is in its essence everything and nothing.

Our intent is to empower people to be free. A fully empowered man or woman who knows their true nature cannot be controlled. We study and develop the way of the warrior shaman, the way of the thunder dragon.

This page is your initiation into the consciousness of the divine and it is here you will develop a relationship with the elements, through the use of hand seals. The elements are absolute spiritual truths in action.

Self mastery is the ability to relax, stay calm and ride the rip tides and control the currents, to adapt to the changing ways of things. The gator naga is the primordial raw powers of extreme ancient matrixes of DNA/RNA complex. The primordial swap of our beginnings in this world as dragons and the interface to the archaic world. A very fierce energy that is also nurturing and can see through the bullshit. It can give you access to ancient creative ways of being and the old technologies that are basic and biological in nature and that is linked to the mud and muck of power, the very slim of being. To tap into a foundation so old it can pass through the ages without change. 

These children of Damballah and Tiamat can show you who you are in a most profound and abstract way bringing light to dark. They are the rulers of the 8 powers of the void that get their source of power from the sun but can thrive in the dark mucky waters just as easily as the bright sunny and dry air. These are the matrices of the Voodoo planet in the ancient swap tree dimensions where only the most robust adventures can travel. If you are not dedicated to the service of the Goddess MahaKali and the attainment of the Black Stone then go no father as the gator people do not suffer fools. Show fear and know you will not return a sane person, lost to the muckier realms of the underworld and no one but the grace of the Goddess can save you. This is a place of long research and powerful magic. The mastery of the magical fluids of the dark waters of NU/NUT will come to those who apply themselves to the study of ancestral melanin with faith and determination. If you abandon apathy and complacency you may master the Khaos Sphere and be viewed as unique among the plain “spiritual” flocks of copycat occultist, new age bores and religious zealots with a true experience of the void. The everlasting waters of Khaos, which is the source of true imagination and sight into the unknown realms, will make sure your life will never be so mundane again. 

This page will take you deep into the primordial swamps of the blak waters of Nun. A trip through unexpected undertakings and remove all inertia and passiveness from your life. The masters of Khaos are mediators between the worlds. You will stand at the crossroads with Anpu and he will ask you to make a choice between the conformity of society and the spiritual adventure of the realm of Khaos. Khaos is the true imagination of primal melanin or dark matter. If you are afraid of wisdom (experience and activity) this path will be hard on you. You have to be hard in the beginning and hard when you get through. This path is not for the soft, but for the deep ones. You are dealing with something serious (Sirius?). Test everything along the way as ancient blocks will come to the surface and your old friends and family may hardly recognize you as you yourself become dragon like. Read this entire website to the end several times before you start. Welcome to the realm of high adventure!

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